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Gold Label

Willows, Wi - Cherry Pie Picnic Gold Label ~ CGT29 Bald Lieferbar - Availlable soon (CGT29) 109,00 EUR

Venetian Muse Gold Label ~ BCR03 Sofort Lieferbar - In stock, ready to ship (BCR03) 169,00 EUR

Mistress of the Manor Gold Label ~ BDH39 Sofort Lieferbar - Availlable now (BDH39) 169,00 EUR

White Dress Scarlett Gold Label ~ BDH19 Bestellung auf Wunsch - Availlable upon order USA Toys R Us & Barbie Collector EXCLUSIVE (BDH19) 99,00 EUR

Bob Mackie Princess Stargazer Gold Label ~ X8281 sofort lieferbar / in stock (X8281) 169,00 EUR

Zuhair Murad Barbie Gold Label ~ BCP91 sofort lieferbar - In stock (BCP91) 109,00 EUR

Malibu Barbie by Trina Turk (X8259) 74,00 EUR

The Blonds Blond Gold Gold Label ~ X8263 Sofort lieferbar - In stock (X8263) 209,00 EUR

Alazne (X8279) 179,00 EUR

Tribal Beauty Barbie (X8262) 189,00 EUR

Queen of the Constellations (X8264) 169,00 EUR

Happy New Year Barbie (X8282) 145,00 EUR

Coach Barbie (X8274) 199,00 EUR

Herve Lèger Giftset (X8249) 209,00 EUR

Cupid's Kisses Barbie (BCR06) 139,00 EUR

Haunted Beauty Vampire (X8280) 189,00 EUR

Byron Lars Fenella Layla (V0455) 219,00 EUR

Christabelle (K7969) 179,00 EUR

Festive and Fabulous Barbie incl. Shipper (K7970) 89,00 EUR

Sugar 1st of Chapeaux Collection by Byron Lars 149,00 EUR

Geschenkverpackung - Gift Wrap Service Geschenkverpackung - Giftwrap Service --> Click for details! 3,95 EUR

Druckbare Version Willows, Wi - Cherry Pie Picnic